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Guide to Amstel, Amsterdam - (Tours, beer, river)

Amstel River

Amstel is both a river that runs through the city of Amsterdam and a popular brand of beer with tourists and locals alike. The Amstel River is one of the most iconic natural landmarks in the city, and is considered to be a symbol of the Amsterdam way of life. The Amstel River got its name from the old Dutch language "Aeme stelle", which literally mean “land rich in water.”

The River begins at the intersection of the Kromme and the Dretch, two smaller rivers in the country. Visitors can find world renowned restaurants, cafes, and art galleries located along the shores of the Amstel.

Amstel Festivals and Events

There are many events and festivals conducted throughout the year that are held in close proximity to the river. One of these events is the Annual Liberation Day concert, which is Amstel Riverconducted on the shores of the Amstel. The city also hosts rowing competitions and other water sports on the Amstel River during the summer months.

Amstel Beer

Amstel Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the region and is currently marketed by the Heineken company. The popular Beer was also named after the river. This is because the brewery that made the beer was built next to the river and the Brewery employees were known to utilise the river to cool barrels of beer.

Thel Brewery was eventually bought by Heineken International and the brewery was closed down in 1982 when Heineken moved the brewing operations to a bigger plant in Zoeterwoude.

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